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We offer music lessons for children ages 6 to 18. We offer lessons for a variety of instruments and music styles. Fill out the form below and let us know a little about your child's musical goals and objectives and Ontario Academy of Music will help them get there! (You can read more about our music lessons below the form.)

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Ontario Academy of Music


We are your number 1 school for piano lessons in North York! At Ontario Academy of Music, we offer more resources than any other music school in North Toronto. Instead of traditional piano lessons, we offer a complete course that nurtures students and offers them plenty of opportunities to perform, network, and perfect their piano skills!

Our piano teachers are amongst the best in Toronto with over 25 years of combined experience. With our versatile and experienced staff, we are able to offer piano lessons in many music styles including pop, rock, r&b, jazz, and classical. Because we offer the most comprehensive piano lessons in North York, our students learn to read music, improvise, and perform with other musicians in a smooth fashion. When you search “piano lessons North York”, you'll find hundreds of options in the city. If you want the best of the best, there’s only one Ontario Academy of Music!


Ontario Academy of Music offers the most comprehensive violin lessons in North York! In our music school, you’re goals and objectives are always considered in how we approach your violin lessons. We’ve comprised a staff of the best violinists in North York, based on mastery of their instrument and experience teaching. Based on your preference, our instructors are prepared to provide either contemporary fiddle or classical violin lessons. Our teachers work with students on a range of subjects such as music theory, sight-reading, and improvisation. For our advanced students, we help them develop technique, mastery, and explore different styles and time periods.!

Ontario Academy of Music also provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and expertise outside their private violin lessons. When you search for violin lessons in North York, you’ll find plenty of alternatives. However, if you want to develop musicianship, network with other students, record and perform, then Ontario Academy of Music is the place for you!


Our drum lessons are the best in North York. Catering to Toronto’s diversity, we offer drum lessons in all styles for drum set and hand drums. .

Top Reasons to Learn Drums

  1. Talented drummers are in high demand.
  2. Learning drums improves overall rhythmic skills.
  3. Get a great workout and burn some calories
  4. Studying percussion can improve ADHD, depression, and IQ.
  5. Learning drums is easier compared to melodic instruments.
  6. Playing a percussion instrument can improve your immune system.
  7. Develop superior coordination skills that can translate into other aspects of life.


Guitar lessons at our music school are the best in North York. At Ontario Academy of Music, we offer our students access to a variety of high-class experts. New students may schedule a trial guitar lesson to make sure their teacher is right for them and can help them meet their goals. Ontario Academy of Music works with the most qualified guitar teachers in North York. Our guitar teachers will help you learn to read music, improve technique, and develop an in-depth understanding of what it means to be a musician in any musical genre you wish to indulge in. .

If you are looking for exceptional guitar lessons from North York’s best guitar teachers, you will find what you're looking for at Ontario Academy of Music. We’ll teach you how to play guitar or bass competently and give you the support you need with plenty of opportunities to perform and show off your new skills.


Ontario Academy of Music’s vocal lessons will give you the confidence to show off your beautiful voice to the world! Under the professional guidance of our experienced vocal teachers, our students will learn to sing better in front of their peers, prepare upcoming performances, and expand their knowledge of vocals and singing. We offer singing lessons in pop, R&B, jazz, and opera. Our vocal coaches will teach you everything you need to know from how read music, perform voice warm-up techniques, improve your vocal style, and how to sing in harmony. .

Private singing lessons are crucial for developing any beautiful voice and becoming a well-rounded singer. Can you sing in 3-part-harmony while staying in tune? What about improvising a solo on top of other singers? Do you have stage presence? Can you hear your own volume and balance it with other singers? Can you communicate musically with other musicians? At Ontario Academy of Music, we can help you do it all when it comes to vocals!


When it comes to the sax, we are certainly the best music school in North York. Ontario Academy of Music prides itself on well-rounded music education and history, ensuring that all students receive top of the line music lessons and opportunities to progress as a musician and saxophone experts. .

Top Reasons to Learn Drums

  1. Talented saxophone players are in high demand.
  2. Saxophones are versatile for jazz, soul, classical, and marching bands..
  3. There are 9 different sizes of the saxophone to suit people of all sizes.
  4. Wind instruments are light, portable, and don’t require amplification..
  5. Physical benefits: improve your lung capacity and abdominal/core strength..
  6. The brain health benefits of taking music lessons are endless.

While we specialize with piano, we also offer guitar, vocal, drums, violin, as well as other instruments. If you would like to learn it, we likely have a teacher who can help you.

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